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The night feather tube is green and astringent, wa (8th Dec 22 at 1:14am UTC)
"Here are the names of a hundred ancient poets and their main works, as well as some famous lines. After reciting it, it took three hours." With a pale face, he took a look at the book like a reminder. Chen Jun also offered his magic weapon. Although there was no doubt that Ji Ning's recitation contained a lot of revenge, it was also really good for him. In this Chinese simulation test, the boy didn't get a point in the ancient part! Eyes across the desk in midair, killing countless mosquitoes, two people formally entered the state of combat, the standard warm-blooded candidates. There is no chance in the morning and no time in the afternoon, so we can only make up lessons in the evening. Although the two families are not far away, the southern urban area is chaotic. They are all floating people who work during the day and become thieves at night. Since Ji Ning to rob people after blocking once, Chen Jun said what also don't let him come at night, but Ji Ning also forbids Chen Jun to go to his house, oneself is not good to cause trouble, robbed also robbed, but Chen Jun that broken temper, probably want to start, those people are desperate. The result of the stalemate is that Chen Jun is reviewing this period of time to live in the shrimp's house, anyway, the shrimp is also a person, three people review together and start the role of mutual supervision. You are a pig! There is still a month to go before the college entrance examination, and you still have the mind to sleep. Chen Jun in Ji Ning that suffered a loss, turned to bully shrimp,information kiosk price, this boy good dog life, what is not as good as their own, but mathematics is better than their own, want to let Ji Ning shift the target is not possible. Hey hey ~ I take an examination of last time groping 451, normal school does not have a problem. "You really don't want to go to Y University." Ji Ning still feels pity. Shrimp's achievements should be able to work harder on the specialist of Y University. Normal school is good, but Y University is the national focus. Although the ranking is behind, the brand of a century-old famous school is still hard. My goal is to be a gardener who destroys flowers. The shrimp smirked, showing two sharp tiger teeth. In fact, he didn't want to go to college,touch screen kiosk, but the money his parents left behind was only enough for him to finish college. His grandmother was a mountain man with no income, and seeing that she was getting old, she always had to keep some money to prevent diseases. With his grades, it is impossible to get a scholarship to go to school in Y University, so it is better to go to normal school. The tuition is cheap and there are subsidies. Go to sleep! Chen Jun kneaded a spitball and hit him. Shrimp's mind He and Ji Ning both knew that Ji Ning's family was Qingshui Yamen, but Chen Jun's family was rich. He had said that he would lend him money to go to Y University, but Shrimp refused anyway, saying that he could not be a brother if he took his money. Chen Jun is not stronger than him, and in some places the shrimps are more stubborn than him. Ji Ning, you are so strong that you can be a teacher. Finished the problem, Chen Jun himself came up with the answer to the right, unexpectedly more than 60%! It turns out that mathematics can also be done like this. Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, Chen Jun counted the red hooks in the book, and his heart was bubbling with beauty. This is simply the eighth wonder of the world. I don't want to mislead my children. Ji Ning rolled his eyes in his heart. This kind of dead horse as a living horse doctor can only be used on this kind of donkey's head. This fool still has the face to be complacent. Now he can understand why Teacher Luo said that. Then you have the heart to miss me. Chen Jun is not angry, he knows in his heart, face recognition identification ,temperature check kiosk, for his sake, Ji Ning's black and bright hair is almost boiled out of the juvenile white, the little scholar's mouth is fierce again, the heart is really for himself, just think of this Chen Jun is not happy. You don't need to be late anymore. People who are in the third year of high school can't even find the simplest limit. This kind of person is the natural enemy of math teachers and the four pests of education. Are you still not sleeping? Then the shrimp appeared at the door of the room, rubbing his eyes. It was almost one o'clock, and the two of them were really passionate. As for why the shrimp is here? Because this is his house! In order to facilitate Ji Ning to teach his lessons, Chen Jun got the approval a month ago and moved to the shrimp's house. This is also a matter of no way, and Chen Jun paired up to study the little fat sister for this activity is particularly important, every day before 6:30 will not let people go, so that the whole class thought that two people are prodigal sons, to show their edge in the college entrance examination, and even spread a new version of Liang Zhu said.
Brothers do not know whether to laugh or cry, so anxious that the shrimp said to everyone, "There are two butterflies in the Butterfly Lovers, do you think the fat sister looks like a butterfly?"? A whole ladybug! Besides, isn't Liang Zhu talking about two men? Chen Jun listened to just cold hum two, the whole person in June hissing cold air, words do not say much, anyway, the ups and downs of which only the parties know. Ji Ning, where do you report? When it comes to school, Chen Jun can't help asking him again. The volunteer form was handed in two weeks ago, but he didn't tell anyone where Ji Ning reported. Asked him is just a strong smile, Chen Jun thought, ah, he is probably not reported to Tsinghua or Huaxi, do not want to stimulate a group of them to specialist as the highest volunteer talent not to say. At the thought of Ji Ning going to such a distant place, Chen Jun felt uncomfortable all over. He also thought that if he knew where he was going, he would change his volunteer form and sign up for one close to him, but he could only think about it. It's not important where I report, but you, we agreed that you must go to Y big, a good return to the small Tokuko. Ji Ning still did not say, but smiled and poked Chen Jun's hand on the table with a pen, as insidious as a fox. I want to throw the admission notice directly in his face! Speaking of this matter, Chen Jun's sad mood of autumn and spring flew to Java, and his white dog's teeth rattled. Speaking of which, that was two weeks ago. When filling in the volunteer form, Ji Ning instigated Chen Jun to fill in the first undergraduate and specialist volunteers, Chen Jun did not say anything, anyway, there is no second or third volunteer? He didn't count on his first choice, so he had the right to make the little scholar happy. But some people are not happy, the next day after the parents' forum, Lao Wang left Chen's mother alone. It's good to be ambitious, but young people can't aim too high! Lao Wang spoke earnestly, but was so angry by Chen's mother's words that one Buddha ascended to heaven and two Buddhas were born. Chen's mother looked at Chen Jun's volunteer, on the spot anxious, you say how this child is so stubborn! When I was a child, I took him to the zoo, and he said that if he wanted to go to Y University in the future,temperature scanning kiosks, he could go to the zoo every day! Ah ~ forget it, children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, let him! The back door of the university faces the north gate of the zoo = _ =. hsdtouch.com
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