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Shut up, you fake fan. (8th Dec 22 at 1:19am UTC)
Xia Qiu arrived at the airport, quietly shook a circle, found a corner seat to sit, bowed his head and asked Xiao Chan how the arrangement was going. Xiao Chan quickly replied, "Everything is in place.". Xia Qiu sent Xiao Chan his dress and general location, and then got up and went to the security check. Xia Qiu was successfully intercepted by reporters in front of the security channel. With a helpless and harmless smile, he folded his hands and begged the reporter for mercy: "Let me go this time. Sister Wang found out. What if she beat me?" Several reporters only thought that they had received the wind in private, and did not know that the wind was released by Xia Qiu himself. And Xia Qiu is a big boy who is close and enthusiastic to everyone on weekdays. This period of time has the omen of fire again. Reporters like him very much. At this time, they also laughed and joked one after another, like acquaintances. But without a few pleasantries, a reporter anxiously cut to the point: "How is Shen Weixing's injury?" Xia Qiu hesitated for a moment and said with an embarrassed smile, "It's really not convenient for me to say this. Please forgive me. I have to ask Sister Wang and the company.". The company rules are like this. Don't make it difficult for me. After a few words, he refused to say anything, but everyone could understand and asked something else instead: "When did you come here?"? Specially to visit brother Shen? Xia Qiu smiled shyly, avoided answering,ultrasonic generator driver, and looked at the time: "I have to go through the security check, but also catch up with the notice." "Just a few questions. Ask and answer quickly. We won't embarrass you." The reporter grinned and coaxed him, "You are brought out by brother Shen. It's normal to have a good relationship. This is a good thing. Now the circle is full of mutual blackening. Your good relationship is positive energy. What are you afraid of?" Xia Qiu hesitated for a moment, a little hesitated and a little naive to say: "However, I have heard of taking me to speak ill of brother Shen." He was very embarrassed and aggrieved,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and earnestly said, "I'm all right. I don't want to involve brother Shen." Two hours later, the headline of the entertainment news was updated: Xia Qiu visited Shen Weixing overnight and appeared at the airport with a low profile. The news described that Xia Qiu was dressed as a vegetarian, fresh and low-key, and the attitude of talking with reporters was very peaceful, just like the big boy next door. When talking about Shen Weixing, he was even more sincere, fearing that he would cause everyone to misunderstand Shen Weixing. He said that he just wanted to make serious progress in filming and prove himself with his achievements. Please pay more attention to the work itself, and so on. [Planet sends candy! What are you eating?! Stunned!] [Shit, seriously?] [I thought it was a company tied to business, but suddenly I felt a little bit like it was true. Last time, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic cutting machine, it was the one who fell off a horse while filming and his girlfriend visited him overnight.] Friend, this pair is really not tied up. Spicy Chicken X Crown is tied up with Satellite and Lailai, but it didn't succeed. Planet is the true love from the heart, you come to take a look at the package you enter the pit after sale @ today's planet is still sweet] [Explode, someone ties up a satellite and explodes in place!!!] Let me tell you a joke. Xia Qiusheng is afraid that he will involve Shen Weixing. Smile! Smile for me! [The future is not a bundle!] [8012 years, there is still the existence of future CP fans, you wake up, this is the most embarrassing CP I have ever seen, I stamped eight hundred times in private, even the other party's mobile phone number does not have a CP to eat! What did you do to survive? What age can you contact without a mobile phone number! And there was only his mother's phone number in the cell phone, not even his father's, and it was normal that there was no Shen Weixing. Well. (Beep in a low voice: I heard that his mother forced him to save his cell phone number.)] [My brother Lai is such a lonely and arrogant horse. [So it's autism..] Can milk powder not find a sense of existence under the news of summer and autumn? It's true that the fans follow the master. Steaming grabs the role of summer and autumn, and the fans grab the heat.
】 Rumor-mongering Sima rumor-mongering exploded in situ. In the second year of his debut, he was the second man who presented the drama of the year. In the third year of his debut, he was directly nominated as the Emperor. Who likes the 360-line role that your family has played for almost two years and finally played a Mary Jack man who is so happy that he buys hot searches every day like celebrating the New Year? Don't even give it away!] It's all Shen Weixing's harem, holding the same thigh. What do you have to quarrel about? Harem for Favor?] [The truth upstairs.] *** you, don't fish in troubled waters, at least you change a small skin to provoke? Do you still need to change the trumpet to see you and other concubines in the main palace? wtmxs】 [Lu Bei is immortal, that comes and Xia Qiu are..] 【hhhhhhhhh】 Quietly eat sugar, although there is glass in the sugar, so how about the injury of the satellite? Don't pull the end of others, okay? It's too KY. This is the home court of the planet. You didn't finish it, did you? Look at the picture, okay? Photos don't lie. I really believe he and Shen Weixing have an affair with Xia Qiu's expression. We're all actors. Don't be so ZQSG. No, I really believe it, because Xia Qiu's acting in the TV series makes me feel that he can't be so real. [Upstairs this senior black.] I was the only one who noticed that Xia Qiu had a wound on his hand? Garbage Crown, can you pay attention to the safety of the artists? [Xia Qiu attended the event the day before yesterday without injury.] [Heard that Shen Weixing was injured, so he was in a trance and hurried to get injured, planet Rio] Go away, the pheasant will play. I repeat again ten thousand times, and then pull the satellite speculation summer and autumn in situ flying cnm from the debut speculation to now finally fried red, change a person to tie up?! The satellite is burnt. Leave him alone! Laugh to see you pinch, Shen Weixing in the end for whom you all forget, right? Post it upside down. I'll just watch you post it upside down. After all,ultrasonic molten metal, you are a concubine. [I only care about the truth of my satellite's injury!!! When on earth can you give a definite answer? …… Wang Jie watched the whole process, staring at the reporter's picture of Xia Qiu Airport for ten seconds, and fell into meditation from the bottom of her heart: Why is Xia Qiu a ghost play when filming? She thought for three minutes with great dedication and decided to see if there was any role in Xia Qiu's script when she was free. fycgsonic.com
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