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The Supreme Rookie of Online Games (8th Dec 22 at 1:19am UTC)
"You two," Linghu Chong said with a speechless face: "It seems that it is not your game time yet. The order of choice is the order of the game. Your game is in the last one. If you want to compete, you'd better wait for the game to be finished first." "Humph!" "Humph!" The star and the night without a blade immediately sent out a cold hum at the same time, and then, two white lights returned to the stands at the same time, the sword whistling wind casually pulled out the dragon sword, Longinus also immediately grasped the barbarian king gun, Linghu Chong immediately said: "You two, are you ready?" "All right," said Jian Xiaofeng, "you can go down now." "That's right," said Longinus. "If you want to get off work early, hand over the ring." "Hey, I'll go!" Linghu Chong couldn't help saying, "You two are awesome. Let's fight now!" With a flash of white light, Linghu Chong's figure disappeared in an instant, and in this moment, a golden gun awn and a golden dragon sword gas suddenly collided with each other. Chapter 641 Sword Roaring Wind VS Longinus. "Boom.." At the beginning of the game, a loud noise suddenly appeared, after the impact of the dragon-shaped sword gas and the golden gun awn, there was a huge explosion on the ring, and at the same time as the shock wave appeared, the dragon of the sword whistling wind was cut out in an instant, and after seeing the attack, Longinus immediately hid far away to one side,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and then. The barbarian king's gun in his hand immediately poked forward: "Take it!" Longjinus a recruit is the rain and dew sunrise, in his shot, countless golden awn immediately toward the direction of the sword whistling wind, and at this time, the sword whistling wind is rapidly waving the dragon sword in his hand, a few meters long golden dragon immediately circled in front of him, only to hear a light sound of "Dangdang", flying over the gun awn was immediately But in the internal force transmission of Jian Xiao Feng, the dragon-shaped sword gas was not damaged at all. Seeing the end of Longinus' move,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, Jian Xiao Feng casually split the golden dragon sword gas forward: "Go!" "Ow!" The sound of a dragon singing suddenly appeared, and a four-meter-long dragon-shaped sword gas instantly split toward Longinus. After the rain, dew, and sunrise, Longinus' shot immediately pierced the dragon-shaped sword gas: "a sharp shot!" With a shot of Longinus, a huge golden gun appeared in an instant, and it hit the dragon-shaped sword gas directly, only to hear a loud bang, two gas immediately hit an explosion, strong airflow in the whole arena, at this time, the sword whistling wind and Longinus's movements were affected, two people can only temporarily stabilize their bodies. When the surging air stopped, Longinus galloped in the direction of the sword-roaring wind. Jian Xiao Feng immediately realized that Longinus wanted to use the two special effects of the barbarian king gun to attack, because the barbarian king gun had the existence of "unyielding power" and "barbarian power", he could not find any advantage at all, and as long as he hit the "barbarian power", ultrasonic welding transducer ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, he would lose the game almost immediately. Thinking of this, Jian Xiao Feng immediately opened Yi Long Jue, and with the sound of a dragon's song, a huge golden dragon immediately formed a circle around him. Longinus, who was still rushing forward, immediately slowed down his pace. Then, he swung his pike and smashed the golden dragon sword gas. After the tip of his sword crossed, a three-meter-high momentum flew towards the golden dragon sword gas in an instant. Only heard a "boom" sound, that huge gas directly detonated the Golden Dragon Sword gas, in this explosion, the two men again even back several steps. After several moves in a row, they all frowned, because they were equally good at vigorous attacks, and their attacks were endless bombardments, but because of their similar attack power, they did not receive any damage after several attacks.
"Hey," Jian Xiao Feng could not help saying: "Although the consumption is a little big, but now there is no time to ink with you, Mojin!" "Ow!" With the loud shout of the sword whistling wind, a dragon's voice appeared again. A nearly ten-meter-long dragon suddenly flew into the air with a wave of the sword whistling wind. He then circled over the top of the night without a blade. Seeing this, Longinus frowned, and with a wave of his hand, a silver-white ape suddenly appeared. What Xu Yang immediately exclaimed, "Isn't that the Tianshan Snow Ape? How can he take someone else's pet to the ring?" The star immediately said, "I'm afraid that pet belongs to him now …" The appearance of Tianshan Snow Ape can not help but let Jian Xiaofeng is also frowning, after the appearance, Tianshan Snow Ape immediately "roar" shouted to him, Jian Xiaofeng can not help but airway: "I rely on, there are cannon fodder!" Although the giant sword gas of Royal Dragon Mojin is powerful, it is only under the command of other sword gas at this time, that is to say, after the giant sword gas appears, once the sword whistling wind is attacked by other sword gas, the huge sword gas will follow immediately, and if he uses the dragon-shaped sword gas to attack the Tianshan Snow Ape, then the huge sword gas will explode on the Tianshan Snow Ape. Although Jian Xiao Feng can accept the internal force consumption of this move, its cooling is a full 5 minutes. Roar ~ ~ ~ Shouting, Tianshan snow ape fly toward the direction of the sword whistling wind a punch, the sword whistling wind hurriedly dodge to one side, and in his escape at the same time, Longjinus holding a barbarian king gun is a mess, so the sword whistle wind had to avoid in the defense, only to hear a loud bang, Tianshan snow ape has been directly hit on the ground, Then it shook its fist and chased the wind of the sword. Damn it The big ape not only made Jian Xiaofeng angry, but after standing still, he lifted his backhand sword in the direction of Longinus, and the explosive sword gas exploded along the ground towards Longinus. Knowing that the sword gas of Jian Xiaofeng could be turned, Longinus quickly hid far away from one side, and at this time, Jian Xiaofeng turned his head and rushed to the direction of Tianshan Snow Ape. Although this fierce beast is not complete yet, it is more than two meters tall, but if it is only tall, it may not be very impressive. The key is that its horizontal width is about 1.5 meters. At a glance,ultrasonic handheld welder, it looks like a gate. Ho, ho, ho. fycgsonic.com
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