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I'm also holding back my big move today [entertain (8th Dec 22 at 1:20am UTC)
"Zhanzhan, why didn't you even figure out this question?" The Maisi Entertainment trainee said with a smile, intentionally or unintentionally. Yu Zhan had nothing to do with it. "Yes, it feels a little difficult," he replied in the words of An Youqian just now. Ning Chunxi: "…" Chapter 46 In the conference room, the departments of the program group report on their recent work. When the publicity team made a report with slides, they put two screenshots of the video, saying: "Recently, a blogger in the photography circle on the Internet cut a series of funny scenes about our program, which brought a lot of traffic to the trainees.". Because today's netizens like this kind of short video, which is relaxed, humorous and down-to-earth, the blogger's style largely caters to the audience and helps us to publicize the circle. So I have an idea now, which is to see if I can get in touch with this blogger and let him work with us later. The director looked at the information in his hand and nodded: "Well, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Publicity Department are responsible for the contact of this blogger." The leader of the propaganda group smiled happily and continued to report. When he mentioned the operation of Guanwei Guanbo, he mentioned Ning Chunxi's business ability by the way and praised him, which provoked the leaders of the post-group and the camera group to praise him one after another. Ning Chunxi sat at the end of the seat, feeling the congratulations of his colleagues around him, and repeatedly nodded his head to thank him. The heart is thinking that when the head of the propaganda group contacts himself on Weibo one day, how to refuse not to be abrupt, she can not be present at the same time. At the end of the meeting, several superior leaders took the lead in leaving, and the minions behind them went out sparsely and loosely. Ning Chunxi took the paper document and went out. Wen Yin asked for leave today, so she came alone. When I got to the door, I happened to bump into Leng Xiyue, who was coming around from the other end of the conference table. This man did not have the habit of holding meetings on weekdays. Today,Vegetable oil filling machine, I did not know where the sun rose, but he attended. She raised her chin proudly. Although she only gave people a side face and did not look directly at anyone, it was clear that she could let people know that her words were meant for her: "No matter how good the business is, people who work will always work for others." He walked out arrogantly in high heels. Ning Chunxi laughed, but he didn't take it to heart and followed him out of the door. Without taking two steps, the mobile phone in his pocket vibrated endlessly. In fact, it rang several times during the meeting, but he never had a chance to answer it. Press the answer button, not in the ear: "Dad, I am working, what are you looking for me?" The handsome man on the opposite side snorted sarcastically, "Work?"? What kind of work do you do? Even your parents don't want it. I called you five times in one morning, and now I answer it? Ning Chunxi was used to his father's strange mood. Youyou replied, "This is my first internship. You don't want your daughter to be fired by the boss because she answered the phone during work." "I don't believe anyone else dares to fire my daughter Ning Han, juice filling machine ,juice filling machine," said Father Ning. Ning Chunxi rolled his eyes and kindly reminded him, "Dad, don't forget that you were the one who said you wanted to break off relations with me." Father Ning choked and said, "When did I say I would break off relations with you?"! What I'm saying is that if you insist on being in the entertainment industry, you can't get any support from your family. Ning Chunxi answered and said, "Yes, yes, you also said that I had nothing to do with the billions of family property.". It's no different from breaking off the relationship. After all, my heartless daughter is happy without money. With a light spit, Ning Han automatically turned on the temporary amnesia function and said directly, "What time do you get off work at noon? I'll ask the driver to pick you up and have a meal together later.". Your mother and I have been back to China for so many days, but you haven't come back to see us. Ning Chunxi looked at his watch and said, "No, I'll take a taxi and go directly to your company." Ning Han did not do more difficult: "OK, I will have a meeting later, you will stay in my office directly." "Uh-huh." Ning Chunxi answered lazily. To be honest, it's not that she doesn't have filial piety. The main thing is that every time she runs into her parents at home, she can make his blood pressure soar. For the sake of safety, it's more appropriate for her to stay away.
However, it is rare for Dad to pull down his face and call her from thousands of miles away one day, and she will not have a good meal without eating. She hung up the phone and planned to ask the group leader for leave, but she was not sure what time she would be back in the afternoon. Back to the dormitory to change a thick coat, went outside, just ran into Yu Zhan and An Youqian who ran to the canteen to buy spicy strips and walked back from the playground. An Youqian waved to her and shouted, "Sister Ning, where are you going?" Looking sideways, I saw Yu Zhan looking at her with the same fixed eyes, as if waiting for the answer. "Go out for a meal," said Ning Chunxi directly. "Oh, oh." An Youqian nodded his head and took the initiative to pull the other brothers on the side to make room for them to talk. When she ran away, she smiled at her generous aunt, who was so tired that Ning Chunxi drew three black lines on the back of her head. She and Yu Zhan were the only two people left for a moment. It seemed impolite to walk away without saying a word. He glanced at the piles of spicy strips in his hands and said, "Eat less spicy food. Isn't your stomach bad?" When Mingming was a child, he didn't touch her when she and Ning Que were fighting for food. How could he take part in a program instead of losing his childlike innocence. When Yu Zhan heard her say this, he was stunned for a moment. When he saw the things in his arms, he explained, "I didn't eat them. I just took them for them." "Oh." After answering, the topic suddenly came down and I didn't know what to say. After hesitating for a moment, she added, "I'm going out to dinner with my dad. Do you have anything you want to eat? I'll bring it back later." "Has Uncle returned home?" He raised his eyebrows in surprise, but answered, "Whatever." "Well, good." Ning Chunxi pointed to the direction outside,liquid bottle filling machine, "then I'll go first?" "Go." Yu Zhan turned sideways to make way, but stopped where she was and watched her go out from the gate of the gymnasium. Then he took a step towards the training base. Ning Chunxi went out of the gate and was planning to take a taxi with her mobile phone. Without waiting for her to click on the software, a car stopped beside her first. gzxilinear.com
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