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Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Freque (8th Dec 22 at 1:25am UTC)
After a pause, he licked his lips and said, "If you are afraid, just leave this son to me.". As a top figure, I know better how to catch this prey! "I'm just reminding you not to be careless." Snow thousand mark cold way, "be careful to sail the truth of ten thousand years, you should not understand it?" "A strong man should have the mentality of looking down on invincibility. No matter what charm he has, it's enough for me to cut him with a sword!" Zhang Zheng said proudly. Bullshit, if there is an old monster in Wangjing, can you still kill him with a sword? Snow thousand marks indifferent way. Elder Martial Brother Xue, you are raising the bar. If the old monster of Wang Jing really attacks, I should avoid its sharp edge and hide my teeth and claws. This is called judging the hour and sizing up the situation, seeking good luck and avoiding disaster! Zhang Zheng's eyes were shining, and he gave it tit for tat. Seeing that Xueqianhen and Zhang Zheng were about to argue, the jade baby next to him hurriedly persuaded him. All right, everyone is here to capture and kill the Lin Demon God. Why do you hurt the harmony for this? "This son has entered the city!" Also at this time, snow thousand mark eyes burst out a wisp of cold awn, aware that the two instrument lock Lingjian, Lin Xun's breath into the city of Beiguang. Younger martial brothers, the opportunity to hunt the target has been sent to the door on our own initiative. Snow thousand mark look solemn, was about to give the order. But without waiting for him to finish, Zhang Zheng laughed, and his figure suddenly turned into a blue rainbow and rushed out of the hall: "I'll take the first step, and you can discuss it slowly!" Suddenly,Inflatable bouncer, Xueqianhen's face sank, and an invisible breath of terror spread from him, which made the atmosphere of the hall depressed to the extreme. Obviously, he was angered by Zhang Zheng's self-indulgent approach. Elder Martial Brother Xue, it's okay to let him attack. You know, before sending Li Zhan Nan and Ling Hongjin to attack, he was very dissatisfied. The jade baby said in a gentle voice. Since he is anxious to die, let him go! The voice of the snow thousand marks is cold. Far away, a huge and ancient building has appeared in the field of vision. Arriving here,inflatable castle with slide, Ling Hongjin's gorgeous and beautiful face is somewhat uncertain, and appears to be very hesitant and hesitant. This time, the power of Tianshu Holy Land, which is responsible for capturing and killing Lin Demon God, is now entrenched in the ancient building in the distance. But Ling Hongjin did not know how to explain it. Before the action, it can be said to be a complete defeat, too humiliating, Li Zhan Nan was killed, the people of the Tianshu Holy Land were also wiped out. Even she has been shamelessly "desecrated" and "humiliated" by her opponents. This makes Ling Hongjin almost do not know how to open his mouth! The core disciple of Tianshu Holy Land, the proud daughter of the younger generation, now returns dejectedly to report and ask for help as a loser. How can Ling Hongjin, who has always been proud of her temperament, speak? Pedestrians on the street are like running water, bustling and extremely lively. When passing by the graceful and slender Ling Hongjin standing there, everyone can't help but feel amazing and curious. Have to say, like her so beautiful woman, no matter where, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable indoor park, will attract the attention of countless eyes. Swish! But at this time, a figure like a blue rainbow into the sky, standing proudly in the void, the whole body exudes a brilliant divine light, so that the wind and clouds turn pale. His momentum is very strong, the whole person is like a peerless sword out of the scabbard, that kind of fierce power spread, so that the streets suddenly a burst of chicken flying dog jumping, a mess. Younger Martial Brother Zhang Zheng? What are you doing? Ling Hongjin sobered up and looked at the untamed figure in the void in surprise. Elder Martial Sister Ling? It seems that you really failed in this action. In the void, Zhang Zheng laughed, his scrawled and disheveled long hair was flying, and his eyes opened and closed, surging out strands of purple arc, which was sharp and frightening. How do you know? Ling Hongjin felt a shock in her heart, and Yurong suddenly changed, thinking that her humiliation had been leaked out. Lin Demon has already entered the city. Who can hide this from him? Zhang Zheng smiled, "Elder Martial Sister Ling, the action failed. I know it makes you unhappy, but it doesn't matter. I will kill the Lin Demon God later and save your face!" Did Lin Demon God enter the city? Ling Hongjin could hardly believe her ears.
Just as she was about to ask, Zhang Zheng suddenly let out a long roar: "Lin Demon God, now that you are here, you will come out to fight. I, Zhang Zheng, will personally send you on your way!" The sound rolled like thunder, ringing through the sky of Beiguang City, breaking the clouds. What? Lin Demon God? "My God!"! The devil has sneaked into the city! In the streets, there was a constant uproar and chaos, and the bustling streets soon became deserted. Crash ~ At the same time, the power of Zhang Zheng's divine consciousness spread like the tide in all directions. He is not worried about Lin Xun escape, as long as the other side dare to escape, absolutely can not escape his eyes! "How could this happen." Ling Hongjin was in a trance. At the same time, she suddenly noticed that someone was approaching nearby, and before she could react, a big hand was firmly pressed on her shoulder. Ling Hongjin stiffened all over and was about to fight back, but when she saw the owner of the big hand, she was like a ghost, making her face white and screaming. She did not expect to see this shameless devil here. The man was dressed in white clothes, his face was clear and handsome, his figure was very beautiful, and it was Lin Xun who followed him all the way. At this time, he stood side by side with Ling Hongjin, with one hand on Ling Hongjin's rounded shoulder, looking very intimate. But only Ling Hongjin knew how terrible the power of this hand was, so that her whole body was imprisoned in an instant, and she could not struggle at all! At the same time, Zhang Zheng, who was high in the void, was also aware of it. He looked down like electricity and locked a figure in an instant. Sure enough, it's you! It's worth fighting in person. "Zhang Zheng looked disdainful, and his body was full of fighting spirit like fire." I was kind enough to let you go, but you lied to me, which made me very angry. Lin Xun smiled and whispered in Ling Hongjin's ear. Because the distance is too intimate, the hot air in the lips spits out,Inflatable 5k obstacle, straight into the ears, so that the latter ears are red. But the cold taste in Lin Xun's words made her feel stiff and cold, like falling into an ice cave. joyshineinflatables.com
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