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First Lady of Rebirth (12th Dec 22 at 7:15am UTC)
First Lady of Rebirth
Ye Nuan obviously wanted to make Chu Fengyi uncomfortable. Chu Fengyi roared and raised his fist to hit Francis, but Ye Nuan was watching him out of the corner of her eye. So when she saw that he was angry and wanted to teach Francis a lesson, she retreated Francis behind her and blocked him with her body. The person Chu Fengyi disliked was Francis. He wanted to beat him to relieve his anger, but Ye Nuan suddenly stopped in front of his fist. Chu Fengyi suddenly stopped his strength to ensure that Ye Nuan would not be injured. Warm. "" Chu Feng Yi's tears fell down, staring at Ye Nuan's face, really helpless, Ye Nuan appeared in his world is not an angel to bring him happiness, but let him suffer, a moment of constant torture of his devil. Ye Nuan fixed his eyes on Chu Feng's face, which was close at hand, without a trace of expression on his face, but with almsgiving indifference. Chu Feng Yi's heart seemed to be pierced by the sword that the empty eyes turned into, extremely painful, but Ye Nuan turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to Chu Feng Yi's pain. You found all this by yourself. You can't blame anyone else. Try to see each other as little as possible. Ye Nuan stepped back without hesitation, took the stunned Francis's hand and left in a hurry. Behind came a roar of Chu Feng Yi,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Francis wanted to look back, but was pulled by Ye Nuan, shaking his head at him, do not go to provoke Chu Feng Yi, the man has gone crazy. What Ye Nuan did was a great stimulus to him, and if he finally had a chance to get away,caustic calcined magnesite, he should not let himself fall into it again. Francis also knew that if Ye Nuan hadn't stopped him, Chu Fengyi would have beaten him to death. He would have to be careful when he went out in the future. Otherwise, Chu Fengyi would find trouble with him again because of what happened today. It was not a joke like the previous two times, but a real, fatal thing. Ye Nuan pushed Francis into the co-pilot and drove away quickly. On their way to Ye Nuan's home, Francis said to Ye Nuan, "Nuannuan, you have caused me a lot of trouble today." Ye Nuan was stunned for a moment. At first, he didn't realize what Francis meant, but he soon understood that the man who was forcibly kissed by himself today was completely hated by Chu Fengyi. Chu Fengyi might find him in trouble. I'm sorry Ye Nuan apologized to Francis very sincerely. No, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Oxide price, it's not your fault. Francis said with a smile, "Chu Fengyi has long disliked me. Today is just a continuation of the previous days. It's nothing. I just want to consider changing places to live. Otherwise, Chu Fengyi may really kill my house brazenly." Francis spoke softly at this time. Ye Nuan was worried about Francis and did not notice the slight change, but the man beside her kept staring at the beautiful thing in front of her. She was really beautiful and beautiful. Her lips were soft and sweet. Like vanilla ice cream. Francis looked at Ye Nuan's thoughtful and self-reproachful face, and the smile on his face gradually emerged. I don't regret what happened today. Even if Chu Fengyi teaches me a lesson again, I won't regret it. Ye Nuan pursed her lips and did not answer. Instead, she drove her car seriously and said softly, "I'll send someone to help you find another house near my house tomorrow. Chu Fengyi already knows the apartment you live in. He can see what he blocked you last time. Just leave these things to me. You don't have to worry about it." Ye Nuan's high-heeled shoes stepped on the accelerator, the speed suddenly accelerated, and soon home to Ye Nuan's door, "you stop the car, you get home, I walk back." Francis always gets off at the place where Ye's doorman can see Ye Nuan. He thinks that Ye Nuan can only be left alone in a safe place, otherwise it is absolutely impossible.
Francis wanted to get off again at the place where they were often separated, but Ye Nuan stopped the car without opening the door. She said seriously, "I caused you trouble today. I don't want to see you maimed by Chu Fengyi on the way back.". You are my friend, I want to be responsible for you, you know I am not a person who likes to shirk the responsibility, that is Chu Feng Yi. Francis didn't let himself sigh. He didn't want Ye Nuan to see that he was disliking Ye Nuan for causing him trouble. After a while, he adjusted his mood and said with a smile, "Well, I'll listen to you today. Thank you for your kindness." Francis wants to stay overnight at Ye Nuan's house for the first time, and this is thanks to Chu Fengyi. If the man knows that he is going to be mad again, he will probably come to Francis with a bag of explosives. Ye Nuan took Francis into the house, because he was scheduled to stay with Mei Lin for a long time, but he met Chu Fengyi in the middle and came back early, so it's still early. Dong Yuling and Ye Xiongnan haven't had a rest yet. They're sitting in the living room drinking tea and chatting. Dad, Mom, I'm home. When Dong Yuling saw Ye Nuan coming back, she asked about Mei Lin in a hurry. Ye Nuan couldn't go to Mei Lin's wedding because of her work. Ye Xiongnan was not suitable to go. Dong Yuling, who had a very good relationship with Mei Lin, had nothing to do at home, so she was ready to go. Specially asked Ye Nuan several times, to remind Mei Lin let her remember to send an invitation to Dong Yuling, see this Ye Nuan back to ask. You came back early. Didn't you say you were going to see Mei Lin? How is the child now? The girl didn't prepare my invitation? Ye Nuan said,Magnesium Oxide powder, "I didn't go to Mei Lin's house. I met Chu Fengyi on the way, so I came back. He also wanted to go to Mei Lin's house. So I'm going to make an appointment with Mei Lin tomorrow to talk about it. I also want your invitation at that time." Chapter 207 of the main text, his surname is Fu and his name is Nansu. stargrace-magnesite.com
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