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The whole world knows I'm a good guy. (12th Dec 22 at 7:16am UTC)
The whole world knows I'm a good guy.
Shi Qing: "But I saved you. I can't repay you for saving your life. I just feed you a meal. You see you are grinding." Cheng Yunling opened his mouth silently. I was about to shut up when I saw the rice was on my lips. Shi Qing: "Don't move, keep this position, don't move." -Click! The bodyguard next to him immediately dutifully took this picture of "Shi Qing feeding Cheng Yunling". When just still all over the face smiles, big little changes a face immediately, chopsticks throws turn one's head: "How?"? Is it a good shot? The bodyguard patted his chest and showed the photo to the employer: "When you look at it, it's absolutely super clear." Cheng Yunling, who had not eaten the mouthful of rice he had fed, said. In the afternoon, he asked for milk tea and handed it to Cheng Yunling with great interest. He turned the straw to her direction and smiled, "I'll feed you milk tea." In order to keep fit for a long time, he dared not drink milk tea, but when he smelled the fragrance of milk tea, Cheng Yunling turned his head painfully: "No, milk tea is too high in calories, I can't drink it." Shi Qing: "Take a sip, it's all right." He added, "I can't repay you for saving my life." Cheng Yunling then filled his mind with "this is not what I want to drink, but someone forced me to drink", while with a good conscience, he went over and planned to take a sip. Shi Dashao: "Wait, don't move, keep this action. I'll make a video call to my uncle and let him see how much we love each other." Video through,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Cheng Yunling holding milk tea watching when the big little talk with Tan Mingjin, while sucking and drinking, while reassuring to make a background board. Anyway, it was Shi Qing who forced her to drink, and she didn't drink for nothing. While drinking, Cheng Yunling, who is still very professional, did not forget to show off her "emotional harmony" with a shy smile when she showed off her "emotional harmony". But I don't know if it's her illusion,Magnesium Sulphate price, but I always feel that Tan Dong's eyes in the video are a little strange. Tan Mingjin, who was in the office and had time to have a video with Shiqing, listened to him in silence. Uncle, did you see the picture I sent you? Yunling actually wants to eat by herself, but I think I feel more in love when I feed it by myself. "Oh, I like her so much, and she likes me so much." The man looked at Xiao Qing, who was trying to roll his eyes on his lovely little face: "…" When Qing was unaware that the hour on his shoulder had betrayed himself, he was still honking: "This may be the feeling of love, I now live in the crew, a day without Yunling are all uncomfortable." Hour clear: "Bah … …" Ow! Said Shi Qing, turning to look at Cheng Yunling, who was drinking milk tea while Zhang Jie was away: "I don't think anyone in the world likes her more sincerely than I do." When he was young, Qing was disgusted by himself and lay down to die. Shi Qing: Uncle, why don't you speak all the time? Tan Mingjin quietly looked at the original head toward the direction of Cheng Yunling straight corpse of the hour after realizing this, dap diammonium phosphate ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, twisting a small body, just strong twist into the head toward Tan Mingjin, buttocks and jiojio toward Cheng Yunling posture. He tried to suppress his laughter and nodded earnestly: "I think you're sincere, too." Chapter 110 uncle loves me again (11). Sincere Shiqing is lovely in Tan Mingjin's eyes, but Cheng Yunling can't stand it. Not to say how the attitude of the Qing Dynasty, to be honest, although the eldest young master has never concealed the fact that he only regards Cheng Yunling as a tool man, but he is really good to her. Advertising endorsements, even with a big IP contract, can be sent to her in a particularly natural way. Had it not been for the fact that his appearance was better than hers, his collarbone was more delicate than hers, and even his skin was tender, white and smooth, and looked three degrees whiter than her, Cheng Yunling might have really been tempted. After all, although the Qing temper is a little big, but so far only mouth yawn, and he also saved Cheng Yunling a dog's life, also did not care about her misunderstanding of his drug this matter. Yes, Cheng Yunling can now be 100% sure that Shi Qing will never drug her to try to make a good thing. After all, Shi Dashao's dislike of her can be filled with a basket. In short, Cheng Yunling, a tool man, doesn't want to continue to be a tool recently.
It's not that there's any dissatisfaction, but that since Shi Qing entered the crew, she has seen her weight rise a little bit. As we all know, actors will control their weight in order to look good on camera. Cheng Yunling used to be called a fairy by her fans, but now, in a long time, she has gained five pounds. Five catties! Five catties! How can this be tolerated. The culprit is all kinds of feeding in the Qing Dynasty. Yes, after digging out the video function with his uncle, the young master stopped taking photos and changed the video. Previously, Cheng Yunling was able to rely on his strong perseverance and desire to be thin, and reluctantly refrained from eating after taking photos. After all, the photos have been taken, and she will not care whether she eats or not when she is satisfied. But now, he changed it to a video! From then on, Cheng Yunling became a background board in the video call between Shi Qing and Tan Mingjin. Unlike other background boards, she has been eating in her mouth all the time. If you eat and eat, won't you get fat? The key is that Cheng Yunling was shocked to find that she had been able to control her desire for delicious food very well. Perhaps she had eaten well during this period, but she gradually began to collapse her willpower. At night, she scratched her heart and lungs and wanted to eat all kinds of delicious food. This is terrible. She has to change. Cheng Yunling decided to have a showdown with Shi Qing after learning a lesson from the bitter experience. After listening to her various explanations, the eldest young master squinted slightly and looked up and down at Cheng Yunling: "You refuse my pursuit for such a simple reason?" Cheng Yunling:.. I help you revise it, not to refuse your pursuit, but to refuse your superficial pursuit. "Oh." The young man's white face, which was at least two degrees whiter than hers, showed a little publicity, a special look that gave Cheng Yunling face: "All right, superficial pursuit." Sure enough,Magnesium Oxide powder, he was not angry, but gave a very flat request: "OK." "But you have to get rid of the single, or you can't talk about it." Cheng Yunling: ".." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com
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