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Substitute Princess by Ah Cai (12th Dec 22 at 7:23am UTC)
Substitute Princess by Ah Cai
Small seven do not know, just know is one thing, see this painting disappear she still want to save. The red light shrank and slowly gathered into a little, and the portrait disappeared with the disappearance of the red light. Just as the red light became as big as a grain of rice, they saw a beam of red light coming out of a place as big as a grain of rice. Straight to the other wall. With this beam of light, everyone's eyes shifted. Miraculously, a place the size of a red square appeared on the black wall. And there was a woman in white in the square, standing there with a bit of confusion. From her appearance, we can see that she is the woman in the painting just now, the Emperor Moon. Although her clothes are a little damaged now, her hair is a little messy, and her expression is a little more motherly, but the momentum that makes people willing to surrender is especially there. Man Emperor Moon? She reappeared alive. The crowd exclaimed, this is too incredible, the eyes of the crowd looked at the portrait more and more open, unexpectedly is a living person. The crowd only looked at the woman in white, looking at her appearance in the red light more and more fresh, the shock is also growing, the emperor moon is more than a little bit strong. Just when everyone was shocked and puzzled, the man on the red light, Huang Yue, opened his mouth and spoke in a fresh, gentle and pleasant voice. My daughter,outdoor whirlpool, you are here at last. Although I don't know how many years have passed, I am very happy that you can come back here again. This was actually said to Xiao Qi, and just when everyone thought that Ren Huangyue could talk to them, Ren Huangyue continued to say. My daughter, don't be surprised to be able to enter this place except you and only me in the world. You don't have to ask me anything, this is just an image, the only image I left behind to let you know what happened, here I can only say, you listen.. Depend on,endless pool factory, everybody can be really surprised unceasingly, the person emperor month you also too intrepid, unexpectedly can leave the image, the person emperor has how formidable in the end? After saying this, the voice of the Emperor Moon turned sad. For your life experience, you must have come here to understand, Niang will not say more, in short, no matter where you come from and through what method to come here, you just need to understand that you are my daughter with the sea emperor. Although as our daughter, but we have not done a day of parental responsibility, I am sorry, please forgive Niang's necessity, if I can, I will not choose to send you to the other world, send you to the other world, endless pool swim spa ,Chinese spa manufacturer, you were just born soon, so small and helpless, but Niang can not leave you by her side, because Niang has more important things to do. All I can do is try my best to let you escape this disaster. After saying this, the tone of the emperor moon turned relaxed again. But Niang is very gratified, you can come here, see these words that you are strong to survive, you did not humiliate the blood of the sea emperor and the human emperor flowing in your body, with no power to come to this place. "The next thing I want to say is the reason why I sent you away at the beginning. Niang told you this because you had the right to know what happened at the beginning.". As for what you're going to do next, the choice is yours. If you choose to live peacefully, Niang will be moved and happy; if you choose to solve this matter, Niang will be moved and proud of you. All their attention was focused on the red light, waiting for the emperor to tell what had happened that year. 345 past Updated July 27, 2010 14:44:24 Words: 1607 "The world is divided into three parts. The Sea Emperor Ming commands the whole sea area and the cities near the sea area with a three-pronged halberd. Among them, the Shark people are the followers of the Sea Emperor. The Beast Emperor controls all beasts with a Xiao made of amethyst. He commands the jungle and the surrounding cities with blood and wolf clans following him."; I, Huang Yue, with my natural spiritual power and a white bow and arrow, lead the rest of the cities in this continent, which is also the largest city. My followers are the Wu clan who are good at witchcraft, the Long clan who are good at medicine, and the hermit clan who is good at attacking. The world is divided into three parts. Everyone wants to annex anyone, but no one dares to annex anyone.
The three of us may want to unify the world in our hearts, but no one can take it, and this situation has been maintained. It wasn't until we met by accident when we were looking for spiritual objects to upgrade our weapons that we knew each other's appearance, but that was the first time the three of us met. Three people met in plain clothes, and there was a sense of appreciation and competition between the three of us. Later, somehow, the three of us went together. I take the phoenix feather to accelerate the speed of the bow and arrow, the sea emperor takes the shark dragon Lin to condense the power of the trident, and the beast emperor takes the crane blood to enhance the spirit of the purple flute. The three of us worked together to get these three things easily. At the same time, we took the white tiger tail for the challenge. Although we didn't get it in the end, our relationship was getting better and better. During this period, some things also quietly changed, I fell in love with the sea emperor, and the sea emperor also fell in love with me. At that time, we only had eyes for each other, and we didn't realize that the beast emperor was also in love with me. Back to their respective regions, I and the sea emperor announced the marriage news for the first time. Immersed in happiness, we did not find the fall of the beast emperor and worry, the combination of the two forces, which shows that we have the power to swallow the beast emperor at any time, even if I and the sea emperor do not have this idea, but the combination of the two of us, this strength is really too great. Sea Emperor and I have also thought of such a hidden danger, but think that the friendship between the three of us will not have an impact, but only we will think so. Two years later, when I was pregnant with you and about to give birth, the danger broke out. The beast emperor took me away, and launched a large army siege, a time of war, the sea emperor on the one hand to find me, save me,Whirlpool bathtub, on the other hand to take charge of the overall situation, and I do not have the people of the emperor family do not listen to the sea emperor's command, that period of time he was almost in trouble. monalisa.com
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